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Pino Meroni Yacht Interiors
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Our Facilities
Watch your dreams come true
Pino Meroni Yacht Interior's 12,000 sq m production and administration facility at Jebel Ali’s Dubai Investment Park offers clients the unique ability to ‘preview’ interiors before it is actually installed on the yacht.

Key facilities include:

Joinery and Cabinetry Workshop
(4,664 sqm) – comprising state-of-the-art equipment, including CNC machine centres and a leading edge vacuum panel processing plant.

Upholstery Workshop
(145 sqm) - featuring hard and soft furnishings equipment capable of producing everything from leather goods to the finest silk upholstery.

To give clients the opportunity to try out each design element, make adjustments where necessary and reduce the project’s overall delivery time, full sized mock-ups of cabins or full decks can be precisely assembled.

More than 350 craftsmen utilise a combination of traditional hand skills and the latest machine technology to help realise your dream.

They work alongside engineers and design coordinators to create the ultimate in yacht interiors.

Located in the heart of Dubai, one of the Middle East’s most exciting cities, the facilities feature expansive workshop and storage areas and state-of-the-art technology.

Paint and Polish Area
(1,021 sqm) – a fully filtered air controlled environment with water veil paint booths able to achieve high quality, specialised paint finishes.

Exclusive Workshop Area
(208 sqm) – an area dedicated to detailed carving, intricate marquetry inlays, gold and silver leafing and many other specialist custom finishes.

Assembly/Mock-up Area
(3,406 sqm) – an expansive area allowing full size cabins and decks to be built (for vessels up to 100m), allowing clients to monitor production and make changes as work proceeds.

Storage/ Warehouse
(1,356 sqm) - a series of climate controlled, independent storage areas for raw materials and finished goods.